The Digital Shoebox

Unlike many books on digital photography that are driven by software, The Digital Shoebox teaches readers an easy-to-remember and easy-to-repeat system for organizing their digital photos that doesn’t require learning lots of new applications or feel like homework. Part I of the book guides readers through the seven most important steps for organizing photos, and Part II is packed with tips on ways to enjoy and share those photos. Each chapter ends with a short section called “Beyond the Box” with slightly more advanced information, should readers want to get “technical.”

The Digital Shoebox:
  • Guides you through an easy and repeatable system for organizing your photos;
  • Is fun to read, from the first shot to storing, sharing and printing an image;
  • Points out seven important steps to keep photos organized, available and safe.

About the Author, Sarah Bay Williams

During my days as photography coordinator for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the folks behind the Oscars®) from 2004 to 2008, I built a system of organization for an ever-growing archive of hundreds of thousands of historic digital photos. This included the Oscars, plus an annual roster jam-packed with tributes, hosted screenings, and exhibitions.

Meanwhile, at home, I love taking photos and I have my own system for my personal photos. Technically, I have fewer bells and whistles at home, but my photos are just as important to me as the ones at the Academy, so, I began organizing and backing up my photos in a way that was easy to remember and repeat, had little to do with software, and didn’t require a spaceship of a computer to run smoothly.

As I was fine tuning my system of home photo-organization, many friends and colleagues began asking me all sorts of questions about storing, sorting, and protecting digital photos. More and more people seemed to need this vital information. I decided to write The Digital Shoebox: How to Organize, Find, and Share Your Photos to answer these questions.


Here on you can find out more about the book in the Contents and 7 Steps sections. The Trivia section has tons of interesting factoids that you can take to your next cocktail party and the Links section is packed with helpful websites that are directly mentioned in the book. And, you can pre-order the book by following a link in the Purchase section—it will be shipping swiftly in the first week in September.