Links and Resources mentioned in the book
(and more)

Image Browsing Software

  • Photo Mechanic, for image browsing by folder, rating, color-tagging, metadata entry; no image editing
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, for all of the above with image editing and cataloguing
  • Adobe Bridge, Photoshop’s image browser, with rating and metadata capabilites
  • Aperture, Apple’s professional-grade image browsing, cataloguing and image editing software
  • iPhoto, Apple’s consumer-grade image browsing, cataloguing and image editing software
  • Picasa, Google’s free image browsing, tagging, rating and editing software for Windows and Mac

Backup Software

Mac Only
Mac and Windows
Windows Only


Online Backup and Storage

Mac Only
Mac and Windows

Online Printing Services

Online Photo Book Services

Renaming Software

Mac Only
Windows Only

General Software/Accessories

  • DiskAid, a way to transfer photos from you iPhone to a year and month filing structure
  • Eye-Fi, wireless transfer of photos from your camera, with geotagging options

Digital Photo Organizing / Asset Management Websites and Books

  • The DAM Book digital asset management for photographers, by Peter Krogh

Digital Photography Information and Other General Digital Info

Digital Preservation

  • Library of Congress national digital information infrastructure and preservation program
  • National Archives initiatives on digital photographic records
  • UPDIG universal photographic digital imaging guidelines



Camera Obscura


  • The First Photograph, kept at the Harry Ransom Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin